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About Me

Hi, I’m Bangs, a creative fitness professional who makes good fitness instructors GREAT.

If you’re looking to take your instructor skills to the next level and be the go-to person your clients just can’t wait to book a class with, I’m gonna help you get there.

As a highly-skilled, senior-level instructor and master trainer, I have years of experience cultivating instructor talent. I’ve guided thousands of people to find their best selves through the medium of sweat, big beats and emotionally intuitive coaching.

With more and more people turning to movement and exercise to manage their mental health, average, mediocre and going through the motions just won’t cut it. As instructors, we have a responsibility to show up in excellence each and every time. In us, our clients see motivation, inspiration, counselling and hope. To get them to fully tap into their potential and see them soar, we have to be willing to do more, be more and give more.

I believe movement should be fun, inclusive and accessible. I believe in a holistic approach to fitness that leads with love and carries a whole sweat-filled room on a wave of belief and joy, leaving everyone feeling more empowered.

So whether you’re an individual instructor wanting to level-up or a studio owner looking to inspire your whole team, I want to work with you.



Stacey Torman - Boom Cycle

If you’re ready to live your best life as an instructor, you need Bangs in your corner. She knows how to inspire and excite you to be the best possible instructor you can be. She teaches with positivity and grace, and will help you find that inner clarity that you need to attract and retain great clients. As my Boomiversity leader, she helped me not only learn but truly connect with a new teaching method in a way that I found to be completely authentic and organic with my own teaching style, but also gently trained me out of behaviours that were getting in the way of my success. The only question you need to ask yourself is where she’s been all your life!




How I Can Help You

One-to-One Training

For PTs and Instructors, experienced or newbies. Lost your groove? Want to level-up? Looking to make more impact with your clients? I have 1,3, or 5 session packages to help you up your game.

Team Training

For boutique studios: From developing instructor training plans, strengthening company culture and branding to working with your instructor team to reignite their passion and ensure excellence is the standard. Let's do this!


For boutique studios, larger gyms, fitness conferences, I deliver workshops on how to achieve greatness as an instructor and make a lasting impact in your clients lives.

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